Agate Mortar and Pestle Sets

  • These Agate Mortar and Pestle Sets Are Made by Brazilian Agates Only.

  • Hardness: 7.0-7.2; Pressure-Resistance, Heat-Resistance, Chemical-Resistant;

  • Size 1: Internal Diameter: 50 mm (2"), External Diameter: 60 mm (2.4"), Inner Depth: 15 mm (0.6");

  • Size 2: Internal Diameter: 70 mm (2.8"), External Diameter: 90 mm (3.5"), Inner Depth: 21 mm (0.8");

  • Size 3: Internal Diameter: 100 mm (4"), External Diameter: 125 mm (5"), Inner Depth: 30 mm (1.2");

  • Size 4: Internal Diameter: 150 mm (5.9"), External Diameter: 180 mm (7.1"), Inner Depth: 40 mm (1.6");

  • These Agate Mortar and Pestle Sets, Fully packed by Foam Wraps and Bubble Wraps, All Passed 1 Meter Drop Tests.

Our agate mortars are made from natural Brazilian Agate. They are suitable for advanced grinding in laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, and chemical laboratories. This material has high compressive strength and acid and alkali resistance. After the grinding, no residue material from agates is possibly mixed into the grinding material. These products have no cracks, no impurities, and strong abrasion resistance. They also have high gloss and strong corrosion resistance and can be used in acidic abrasive materials. The natural pattern is different from mortars to mortars, as they are all naturally occurring. Pestles are included in the agate mortar set. Please note that these agate mortars can only be used as a grinder, not a reactor for chemical reactions.

  • Same hardness even though the naturally occurring patterns vary from mortar to mortar 

  • Clear cut on the edges and smooth finishes on the surfaces

  • Silicone pads are recommended to place underneath for the best grinding practice.

  • Same hardness even though the naturally occurring patterns vary from pestle to pestle 

  • Smooth surfaces without any defects​

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