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Alpha Nanotech Inc. is a Canada-based tech company established by a team of researchers from the University of Alberta to serve the needs of academic research laboratories and industrial fields around the globe. Our mission is to ease off the research pressure and to deliver high-quality research materials. Our production line includes colloidal nano-/microspheres, analytical carbon materials, prime-grade silicon/silica wafers, optical quartz products, high-precision borosilicate glass beads, and other top-quality laboratory consumables. Our clients are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction; specifically, we offer free exchanges and free returns with no questions asked. With continued research and development, we are enabled to provide our products at a low price and to beat other competitors without compromising on the product quality. 



  • CV< 3%

  • Roundness > 0.980

  • Concentration available to choose from 10 - 100 mg/ml (i.e. 1 - 10 % w/v)

  • Size available to choose from 20 nm - 500 um

  • Provided in Milli-Q water and can be easily adapted to organic solvents through surface modification




  • Full characterization data is available including TEM, Raman, FTIR, AFM, and XPS.  

  • Analytical research grade and industrial grade are both available to choose from.




  • Metal/non-metal/polymeric nano/microparticle synthesis

  • Functionalized graphene/graphene oxide/carbon nanotube production

  • Layered nanostructure synthesis via chemical vapor deposition (CVD)








  • Silicon/Silica Substrates: Prime/CZ Virgin grade; Orientation: <100>; Type:  P/Dopant: Boron; TIR < 3 μm, TTV < 10 μm, BOW < 10 μm, roughness < 0.5 nm; Available in many formats: 5mm x 5mm diced chips in gel membrane box (25 pieces per box), 2'' wafers, 3'' wafers, 4'' wafers, and 6'' wafers.

  • UV Optical Quartz Cuvettes: Perfect for UV/Vis, fluorescent, and AFM measurements; Transmission at 200 nm: > 83%; Heat resistant, acid-resistant, and base-resistant.

  • Quartz Crucibles and Other Quartz Products: Temperature- and chemical-resistant.

  • Agate Mortar and Pestle Sets: Made by Brazilian Agates Only; Hardness: 7.0-7.2; Pressure-Resistance, Heat-Resistance, Chemical-Resistant.

  • High-Precision Borosilicate Solid Glass Beads: +/- 0.05 mm ideal for various laboratory applications; Highly spherical with no irregular shapes or defects; Polished surfaces with no dirty spots or scratches; Etched surfaces are also available on a customized basis upon request.

Who We Are

Alpha Nanotech Inc. is conveniently located on campus at the University of British Columbia, 30 minutes from Downtown Vancouver and 15 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). We are a team of innovation-driven researchers who specialize in manufacturing different types of nanomaterials, such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanopowders, and colloidal nanoparticles. We are always ready to supply our University research collaborators or industrial partners with our most advanced version of products and services.



Thanks to the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta, we are capable of applying the latest technology to our nanomaterials and delivering them to our clients. The University of Alberta is where we and our technology are from, and we constantly strive to achieve the best possible stability and consistency for our provided materials. The University of British Columbia is where we carry out most of the characterizations of our products and ensure our products perfectly meet our clients' needs. Different from most of the large-scale commercial suppliers in the market, we carefully manufacture our materials in our small-scale lab by our researchers to achieve the best possible standard of various research purposes and directly deliver our materials from our scientists to your scientists. 


Monodisperse Nanoparticles? Analytical Carbon Materials? Top-Quality Laboratory Consumables? Feeling interested?

Please email us at for a quick quote!

We will get back to you within a couple of hours!


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